What Is The Law Of Attraction & How Can We Use It To Our Advantage?

law of attraction word cloudHi I’m Bec from Eagle Life Coaching! If you want more from life then simply changing your thoughts, can change your life! Sound too good to be true?

Well it is true, but it takes more practice than you would think to master it.

This post covers:

  • the definition of the Law Of Attraction
  • how the Law Of Attraction works
  • how to use the LOA to effectively to create what you want
  • helpful resources

What Is the Law Of Attraction?

I’m sure you have all heard the term Law Of Attraction (LOA) by now – it became a buzz word when the movie “The Secret” came out a many years back.

Not only is the Law Of Attraction the most powerful law in the Universe, but we need to really understand it before anything else will be of value.

Everything in our life, and the lives of those around us, is affected by the Law Of Attraction. It is the basis of everything that you see manifesting.

An awareness of the Law Of Attraction and an understanding of how it works is essential to living a life on purpose. A life that you deliberately create.

The Law Of Attraction refers to the philosophy that like attracts like, and that the energy we release into the world, is similar to the energy we attract into our lives. It is a known scientific fact that everything in the Universe is energy, so what our body emanates or vibrates attracts energy on the same wavelength or frequency.

A bit like a radio station – we only hear the station we have tuned into, the rest are static or can’t be heard at the same frequency. This can be compared to our life, nothing merely shows up in our experience. We attract everything.

Abraham-Hicks Quote
“There is no Law Of Assertion only a Law Of Attraction. Nothing is asserted into your life, only attracted”

Everything that we experience in our life is attracted to us because the Law Of Attraction is responding to the thoughts and feelings that we are offering…whether we are remembering something from the past, observing something in our present, or a imagining something about our future.

The thought that we are focused upon in our powerful now, activates a vibration within us, and the Law Of Attraction responds to it.

LOA pic

To better understand the Law Of Attraction – see yourself as a magnet attracting to you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling (vibrating).

And so if you are feeling fat you cannot attract thin, if you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity, and so on.

If you are feeling negative, you will attract negative people, events and situations in your life. If you are feeling positive, you will attract positive people, events and situations into your life.

Everything we think, every word we speak, and the way we feel is creating our future. It’s as if our thoughts go out into the Universe, and are brought back to us as experiences. We are creating our own life.

The more we come to understand the power of the Law Of Attraction the more interest we will have in deliberately directing our thoughts – for we get what we think about whether we want it or not.

What we give thought and feeling to, creates a vibration, and if focused on for long enough, will show up in our experience. Rather than trying to monitor our thoughts all day however, it’s better to just simply pay attention to how we are feeling. Thoughts produce feelings and its the feeling vibration that the Universe responds to.

When we are thinking about something that we want, we feel positive emotion, and when we are thinking about something we don’t want, we feel negative emotion. The twist is that we might be thinking about something we want, but from the perspective of not having it, or the lack of it. This is what trips people up.

Most of us just think, think, think and don’t pay any attention to what we are thinking and feeling. We are just doing it.

Training ourselves to be aware of what we are thinking and feeling is the first step towards turning our lives around in areas that are not going as we would like.  A great way to do this is to periodically say to ourselves through out the day….

  • What am I thinking?
  • Would I like this thought to create my life?
  • Would I like to have the experience that this thought could bring to me?
  • How am I feeling?

Checking in regularly is an important habit to get into, and when you find yourself dwelling on unwanted things, or things that are lacking in your life then you have the choice to think another thought. The more conscious and conscientious we are about our life, the better it is.

Seth Quote
“The joy of creativity flows through you as effortlessly as your breath. From it the most minute areas of your outer experience spring. Your feelings have electromagnetic realities that rise outward, affecting the atmosphere itself. They group through attraction, building up areas of events and circumstances that finally coalesce, so to speak, either in matter as objects – or as events in time”

Tips On Using The Law Of Attraction To Create The Life You Want

There are two ways of looking at everything we want. From the excitement and joy (positive emotions) of having it, or the impatience and frustration (negative emotions) of not having it.

We are here on earth to look around us at the enormous smorgasbord of contrasting variety, sift and sort through, and decide whether it appeals to us or not. This is how our desires are born.

When we observe something, whether it be a certain food, clothing, a behaviour, an object, event, person, circumstance or a place, we decide there and then whether we would like it in our experience or not.

The more we want something the more passionate we feel about it and the more focused energy or higher vibration we give off. If we look at these objects of desire from an excited ‘I can have it’ perspective, they begin to make their way into our experience. If we look at them from the ‘I want it, but am not sure how it can come to me’ angle then we push them away. They are not a vibrational match to our energy.

With the Law Of Attraction comes a buffer of time. This means that when we decide we want something it doesn’t always appear immediately. Which can be a blessing when we think of some of the unwanted thoughts we have!

According to the teachings of Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) there are 3 components to using the LOA to manifest our desires:

  • Ask
  • Receive
  • What manifests


Our job is to ask for what we want. Focus on our desires. Get excited about our desires! This creates positive energy or vibes around the desire and if we don’t block this energy with limiting beliefs or negative thoughts it will quickly move into our experience.

We are born creators and will never stop wanting! It’s what and who we are, so embrace it and begin to love the new desires that emerge from you all day long.


This is the job of the Universe and is done immediately. The Universe ALWAYS, without exception, responds to our vibration by bringing things into our experience. Usually starting with other thoughts that match the vibration, and if we entertain these thoughts & feelings for long enough we create momentum.

What Manifests

This is the important part. This is where most people trip up. There are two ways to know if you are on track in any area of your life:

  • By how you feel about the subject, and
  • what is manifesting

The reality that we observe around us is a result of our previous beliefs, thoughts and feelings (because of this buffer of time). This current reality is the aftermath, if you like, of what we have been focusing our energy (beliefs, thoughts, feelings & expectations) on.

If you don’t like what you see then your energy needs to be focused more on the expectant having of your desires, rather than the lack of them. Even though this isn’t what you are seeing in your world around you right now (if it were then you wouldn’t be asking for it), it is important to find a way to believe, expect and feel your desires as if they were already there.

Until you do this, they can’t show up.

So we can be asking for/wanting something and resisting or pushing it away at the same time. If a desire is taking a long time to show up in your experience it means you are offering too much resistance, and not enough allowing, toward this thing you want.

Either you have beliefs that are contradicting your desire, or you are feeling the lack of it more than the expectant having of it. Negative feelings such as impatience, frustration, unworthiness, etc. all keep your desire from coming into your life, as the vibrations aren’t on the same frequency. They don’t match.

Momentum around the desire is important to bring it into your reality. Excitedly thinking &/or speaking about a desire for 68 seconds or more will activate the LOA into action. More on that in the video clip below.

This short video explains SO much – if you have desires that haven’t come to fruition yet then this is a much watch

Abraham-Hicks Quote
“When we talk about the Law Of Attraction what we are really talking about is momentum. About you being at some starting point and the Law Of Attraction bringing the next thing, and the next, and the next…. So if you’re irritated by something, Law Of Attraction with bring you more and more things like that. If you are in love with life the Law Of Attraction will bring you more and more of that.”

The following table will help you identify where you are in relation to allowing your desires to manifest

Moving Towards Your DesireMoving Away From Your Desire
Going with the flowTrying to make it happen
Feelings of easePushing hard
Taking inspired actionWorking hard
Relaxing & going with the flowPutting lots of effort in, feelings of stress
Allowing things to unfoldStruggling to get things into place
Having fun & enjoying the process!Frustrated about not having it yet
Believing it will come at the perfect timeImpatience
Feeling good about the way things are unfoldingTaking score, watching & waiting
Believing it is possibleFeelings of uncertainty or unworthiness
Feeling creative & inspired!Feeling competitive & worried you might not get it
Feeling gratefulFeeling annoyed

To bring our desires into our lives requires us to think and act in the opposite way to what is taught in society! I was brought up being told to work really hard and not to expect anything to come easy.

That things don’t just fall into your lap, you have to get out there and push push push and make it happen. And that you had to be a ‘special’ kind of person with an X-factor to become successful. Which to me, sounded super-human so I counted myself out.

Lucky for me I came across the LOA and learned how each and every one of us is on an equal playing field when it comes to creating our own realty, and that it really is up to us (and only us) to bring into our lives exactly what we want.

No more feeling powerless or blaming everyone around us for our under-whelming life. How refreshing, empowering and inspiring! I really am excited to have learned this and hope to inspire many others to become mindful and begin creating magic in their lives!


Success begins with believing in yourself and the creative process. This is a new way of thinking and can take some getting used to as it is all too easy to look at our lives right now and point out the things that are missing.

But once we realize that what we see in our NOW is what our previous thoughts, beliefs and feelings have manifested, and that we can change the way we look at things right this red hot minute, by choosing better thoughts to focus our attention on, life gets exciting!

Every second of every day we are creating. Become a conscious creator and see how your life begins to turn around.

Changing habits can take some time and discipline and is much easier with someone to support, encourage and motivate you along the way. If you want more from life and have goals and dreams you’d like bring into reality then I can help! I believe in you, and I know you can do it!

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To Attracting Great Things!