Feeling Overwhelmed? Stress to Success Power Tips to Turn Your Life Around Today!

Stress is everywhere! With so much on the go these days and people trying to juggle their many hats, has led to an insubordinate amount of stress in today’s society.

Gone are the days when mum was at home all day and dad brought home the bacon. No T.V, wifi or much else to steal our attention…

If you are one of these people who find that the pressures of daily living can get insurmountable at times then I have devised some stress to success power tips to help turn things around.

These tips were inspired by Dr Demartini – from the movie The Secret

Stress-To-Success Power Tips

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or simply burned out at times these Stress-To-Success secrets can help turn the stress holding you back, into energy and inspiration to create a life of miracles!

Tips to Help You Get Started Right Now in Turning Your Stress To Success

  • Begin each day reaching for positive thoughts – do this at the start of every day while your mind is at it’s clearest. This sets the days energy flowing in the right direction.
  • Clear away obstacles – things that evoke any negative feelings; such as the news, dramatic people, avoid any focusing on negative people, events and things.
  • Prioritize your activities – what action will produce the best feeling NOW? Your power is in the now, your now creates your later so make each moment count.
  • Act on top priorities – write a To Do List with most urgent at the top. Start clearing the things at the top. This will begin to make you feel freer and more productive. Delegate where possible. Ask the Universe for help. Stay solution focused, rather than problem focused. Stop and take deep breaths if you begin to feel bogged down.
  • Visualize your success – when meditating, when walking the dog, when driving the car. Stay in a creative mindset rather than a competitive one. See it as already happened. Be at peace with where you are, knowing you are right where you are meant to be and things are flowing for you.
  • Gratitude & affirmations – give thanks for the things are working for you. Say affirmations that feel good to you. Keep them general and get into a habit of saying them regularly with feeling behind them. Write them out and place them in the car, office and house. change them regularly to keep it fresh and fun.
  • Practice deep breathing and stretching – make sure that you move stagnant energy out of your body. Take the time to breathe slowly and deeply during the day. Stretch your muscles with a walk or even exercises at your desk. You can do this anywhere.
  • Do selective and collective reading – find mentors, take the time to read. Immerse yourself in inspirational teachers, find ones that resonate with you. Only read and listen to uplifting material.
  • Groom for success – feel good by taking the time to groom yourself. We usually always feel better when we look our best. Putting your best foot forward shows confidence and self-love.
  • Love what you do and do what you love – it’s the only way to really enjoy life. Work doesn’t feel like work if it’s your passion. If life is about feeling good, then why not do what you love and feel good all day everyday!!
  • Surround yourself with inspirational people – inspiration is contagious. These people will uplift you constantly and this will become a way of life. Like attracts like.
  • Drink lots of water – this can’t be emphasized enough.
  • Eat light, moderate meals – makes digestion easier and keeps us from going for long periods without providing important nutrition to the body. Smaller healthy meals maintain energy levels better too.
  • Reduce the four ‘addictors’ — coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and sugar –  All are stimulants and can hype us up. They can block the natural flow of energy from the Universe and affect the way we feel.
  • Contract and then relax all muscles –  It helps flush your lymphatic system and boosts your immune system.
  • Sleep well – ensure you are getting 6+ hours of sleep. Rest allows our body to rejuvenate and heal. It also allows our conscious mind to rest. We think and problem-solve better when rested. If 4-6 hours at night is what you are getting then top it up with a short power nap during the day.

They are some great tips for turning stress into success starting today!

Stress can be overwhelming, and left to mount can lead to anxiety, depression and physical ailments.

It is up to us to become aware of stress becoming significant in our lives and take measures to reduce it as soon as possible.

We can either do this alone or with the help of friends, family or a professional.

These tips were inspired by Dr Demartini who featured in the popular move The Secret and is well-known for his worldwide transformation workshops.

He has helped thousands of people turn their life around, realize their potential, and begin living the life they truly desire.


If you have goals and dreams that are yet to be realized then Life Coaching could be just what you need! Coaching encourages, supports and motivates you to achieve your goals, and can give you the clarity and confidence you need to reach a little higher in life.

If your life is too busy and you feel stressed then having someone work with you can make all the difference when it comes to seeing things a little clearer and offering suggestions and guidance to restore balance in your life. You are worth it!

To Less Stress & More Success!

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