11 Ways You Can Raise Your Vibration & Line Up With Your Desires

Inspiration motivation quotation Energy flows where attention goesRaising Your Vibration Really Is The Key To Manifesting!

At times in life we can feel bogged down or a bit down-and-out about the things that are going on around us. People, jobs, kids, bills and a multitude of other things can annoy us.

This is normal and fine, and we need these moments to help us decide what we do and don’t want in life. If we didn’t have negative moments how could we appreciate a positive moment?

But it’s important when creating a life on purpose that we don’t sit on these negative feelings for too long, and that we make a conscious effort to shift our focus to a more constructive place by choosing different thoughts.

Air the moment, say what you need to say, do what you need to do, express your feelings then move on. Get it off your chest!

The following post is to help you turn things around in these moments, and in general to help lift you higher.

When working with the Law Of Attraction to bring into your life the people, events, opportunities, and things you are wanting, it really boils down to getting into vibrational energy alignment with these things.

Everything in the Universe is energy, and you are either vibrating from a stand point of love, gratitude and optimism of the things you want; or from the lack, fear or doubt of it. If it’s a bit of both, the dominant vibration wins.

To find out where you are vibrating, take a look at your life. If you struggle to attract the things you want, then your dominant vibration is from the lack of the very thing you want. Too much of your energy is focused on the fact you don’t have it, rather than the joy and gratitude of knowing it is on it’s way to you.

You will be pleased to hear that it can be very easy to turn these feelings around with a little bit of conscious effort and awareness on your part. The activities below are designed to assist you into a state of allowing.

Stop and check-in with how you are feeling when you are thinking or speaking of the things you want. If you feel positive emotion then you are lining up with them, negative emotion and you are vibrating away from them.

If you can’t seem to muster consistent good feelings about your desire the best thing to do is get off the subject altogether. Think about other things that evoke positive feelings and try some of the exercises below.

Once your strong desire is out there then there is no need to be willing it in with constant thoughts, especially if they stray to the ‘where is it?’ or ‘why isn’t it here yet?’ as they only hold it back.

Abraham calls it ‘going general’. If you get too specific about your desire and start feeling the lack of it, then go general. Think more in a general manner, eg. “Money flows easily into my life and the world is an abundant place” feels better than “I want $10,000 by next week”.

The Universe doesn’t hear our words or thoughts, it feels our vibration, our energy around our desires.

To be in alignment with what we are wanting means our mind, body and spirit, and all the cells in our body are in agreement or congruent. We are letting go of resistance, and allowing our vibration to increase. Our vibration can be changed in an instant.

Imagine yourself as a cork floating on the water. This is your natural state. A state of well-being. Once you introduce doubt and resistance to this cork it’s like pulling it underwater.

But simply letting go of this resistance allows it to bob right back to the top. No effort required. Our natural state is one of abundance and happiness, it is our focusing on the lack, doubt etc. that drags it underwater.

We need to just let go and go with the natural flow!

Raising our vibration as consciously as we can for as much of our day, is the primary objective if we would like things to manifest with speed! The Universe wants you to be abundant and loves speed!

Raising your vibration communicates to the Universe that you really believe in yourself, and are deserving of, and ready to receive the things you want. And the more feelings of gratitude and appreciation you have – the more the Universe delivers what you are asking for.

The more you give (positive energy) – the more you get! It is simple, but requires discipline.

11 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Everyday!

Here are 11 ways to raise your vibration every day! Pick ones that resonate or feel good for you and do a few every day. First thing in the morning is when your thoughts are generally more neutral and is an opportune time to begin your daily positive affirmations. Before the days’ busy schedule sneaks its way into your head!

These activities were inspired by Carol Look – EFT Master and Coach.

Gratitude Exercises

Go for a walk and express gratitude for everything you see, the birds, the flowers, the blue sky, the green grass, the fresh air – everything.

Then begin expressing gratitude for the things in your life – out loud. There is something powerful about saying things aloud coupled with movement. Your energy flows.

Another gratitude exercise is writing a diary, or in a journal every day the things you are grateful for and appreciate. Gratitude is SO important. The Universe LOVES gratitude, and it really puts us in that authentic, positive space and vibration.

A gratitude interview is another fun activity – write out questions to yourself on gratitude. What are you most grateful about? It might be:

  • your house
  • your job
  • the car you drive
  • your body that functions without you having to focus on it
  • good health
  • your clothes
  • your friends
  • your memory

Anything big or small that you are thankful for.

Record the questions leaving a space for your answer. Or get a close friend to read the questions to you! Have fun with it! It raises your vibration instantly.

The YES Game

YES is a word with such a positive vibration – joyful and optimistic.

Write 10 questions down that you have to say YES to!

This may sound silly, but go with it. Definite yes answers have no ambiguity. Our body, mind and spirit are all lined up. It releases all doubt and resistance in your body.

Is your name Bec? Do you love pink? Do you live on the Gold Coast? Are you a Life Coach? Do you have a cheeky dog?

The Guess What Letter

Write a short letter about a particular aspect of your life and pretend you are writing it to a close friend or family member. Tell them about the success you have achieved! Be as excited as you can to get on that emotional high.

You don’t send the letter, it just gets it out on paper, and you into a positive vibration around what you are thinking and writing about. Very powerful.

Look at your want list and pick something and write a letter about it. A short letter. Write it acting as if the thing you want has already happened, and with as much emotion as you can muster!

The feeling is the vibration.


“Dear John guess what? I have built such a busy business and have even exceeded my own personal capabilities!”

“Wow Annie you’ll never guess what?! I looked in my bank account and I made an extra $10,000 this quarter and I didn’t even realize.”

Or pretend you are leaving a voice message – practicing the exercise of no resistance and raising your vibration.

Abundance Lists

Write lists – 10 things you love about your life.

I love it when….

  • I get creative ideas
  • I get new customers
  • I have unexpected money coming in
  • I have friends and family over
  • I have enough money to go on vacation
  • I spend time with my kids
  • People make me laugh

I love it now that…

  • I have found my perfect partner
  • I am eating healthier
  • I am fitting exercise into my day
  • I can see the beauty in small things
  • I can have more fun in my day

The content (what you say) doesn’t matter, it’s the vibration that counts.

You can say actual things that have happened or things that you want to happen. The feeling is important, not the words, but how they make you feel.

Or write 10 things that help me feel relief or relaxed.

I’m so relieved now that….

  • I finally paid that bill
  • I managed to get that application completed
  • I had a chat to my boss and got the issue cleared up
  • I dropped that cake to Mary

Acting As If

Acting as if – walk around and behave as if you have what you want. Have the attitude that you have the thing you want.

You hold yourself better, your posture will be different, you exuding a different vibration.

Play, it’s fun. Act as if you can. Contemplate things you want, it changes the vibration in your cells. Harmonize with “I have what I want now”. Act abundantly, feel prosperous!

Have a Congratulations Conversation

Think about what you would say when people congratulated you on your success. Then think about what they would say to you. Would they hug you? Pat you on the back? Jump for joy?

When you get into the energy of responding its perfect for you because you get to try it on. You are responding in this complete feeling of resonance and congruence.

Keep it short and you can do it on each segment of your life.

The Thank You Game

Do this as a written exercise. Thank you universe for bringing me… Write all the things you want, or a creative solution, or a creative idea.

Thank you for bringing me…

  • The perfect partner
  • Amazing friends
  • The perfect clients
  • The perfect house
  • New solutions
  • Thanks you Universe for bringing me the answers just when I want them
  • So many new possible solutions to that conflict on the job
  • The right amount of money for our vacation
  • The discipline I need everyday to practice meditation, exercise, eat healthy, etc
  • Thank you Universe for bringing me so much money
  • Create ideas

You are acknowledging the Universe.

Again it doesn’t matter what the content is – big or small, the important thing is you are expressing love, appreciation and gratitude in this exercise.

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings  all these exercises are related, but all are a little different in spirit or energy.

Say out loud or write out your blessings. This activity may take a little longer to do as it’s often preferred to do it looking back over a longer period of time. For the year just gone, or the last decade.

Look at the gifts in disguise, the beauty of hindsight, the silver linings – with time comes perspective and maturity.

It’s good to look back and see the blessings that may have felt like sufferings at the time.

“I have experienced so many blessings in my life….this year, this week, this decade…”

“Meeting amazing people, opportunities showing up at the right time, etc”

What feels like a blessing to you?

Get into the emotional feeling of it.

Fall In Love Today

Fall in love today – get into the feeling that you’re as high as a kite, nothing matters, fall in love with someone or something again today!

Your dog, your child, your house, your car, the office, your friends….

Focus on that person or thing for the day. Emanate feelings of love and positivity, give them your full attention, listen to them, have that skip in your step, focus on all the positives.

Entertain that feeling of WOW, all is right with the world today.

Can be material objects or people or pets – it doesn’t matter. You are sending out energy, feelings to things. Everything is moving energy and living.

The point is the emotion – feeling good about life, yourself, the world.

Fast Forward Visualization

Fast forward into your future and see what you want there. Pretend its in the present.

See what you want – be clear about what you want. You are in your now – back in the present tense, seeing and feeling you and your life how you want it. a perfect mix of being in the NOW with feelings focused on what you want.

Close your eyes, fast forward into future, then see what you want. Describe it, take a visual tour in your mind, get into the feeling of it.

Picture yourself in the bank – loan approval, cash in bank, thriving business, new clothes, healthy body, pain free, on vacation, driving your dream car, book has been published, you have your perfect partner!!

Keep it around 2-10 mins. Short. Like a short daydream, acting as if you have it right now.

——-The Power Is In The Present ——- Seth Quote

Enjoy Abundance In Nature

Get out into nature, look around and really appreciate the beauty and abundance of nature. Go to the beach, or the park and use all your senses, get lost in the sensation of sand between your fingers, or water.

Water – contemplate the billions of drops of water…

Get lost in the texture, consider counting sand, drops of water, and you will realize it’s impossible, opening your eyes to the enormity and complexity of nature.

This exercise triggers a prosperity mindset. Look deeply into flower petals, notice their shape. Touch water, trees, dirt, leaves, pebbles, flowers, feel connected to nature, the simplicity, abundance and beauty of nature.

When counting leaves, sand, and admiring nature you are focused on the present which distracts your from the busyness of the world. Nature lifts your mood and attitude. It connects you with the world around you which is good for the soul.


Try these activities out for size. They are all so simple, but it requires discipline to put them into action daily. Do at least one activity every day for 21 days to form a habit.

The more you are in a state of gratitude and appreciation, the more the Universe delivers what you are asking for. The Universe hears your overall vibration in your body, mind and spirit.

Again by doing these exercises we are increasing the number of minutes a day that we are raising our vibration, releasing resistance and lining up with our desires. Our cork is floating!

This is part of your self care. Looking after your mind, body and spirit. Dedicate some time each day to raising your vibration. This influences the Law Of Attraction in a positive way and you will start seeing results quickly, and in proportion with the amount of time you are in this state of allowing.


I hope these 11 ways to raise your vibration will be helpful on your road to success and happiness. If you feel a bit underwhelmed or stuck in life, or would like some help moving towards your goals, a Life Coach could be just what you need.

As a personal Lifestyle Coach my goal is to help you reach yours – whatever they may be. Click the link to find out more about what coaching can do for you, or to book your FREE Coaching Intro Session with me!


To Good Vibes & Appreciation!