Our Beliefs & How They Can Stand In The Way Of Our Success!

Hi I’m Bec from Eagle Life Coaching and in this post we will be discussing beliefs and how important they are when it comes to moving towards our goals and dreams in life.

This post covers:

  • what exactly a belief is
  • how we can identify our beliefs
  • how to change our beliefs
  • practical exercises to apply
  • recommended resources
You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you believe

What Is A Belief?

Most people treat a belief as if it’s a real thing, when it’s actually nothing but a feeling of certainty about what something means. A belief is just a thought that we think over and over. A thought that we think is true.

Beliefs about reality are often seen as truth and aren’t questioned. They appear in our mind as statements of fact, far too obvious for examination. They seem self-explanatory and are often accepted without question.

Once upon a time everyone believed that the world was flat, and that smoking cigarettes wasn’t harmful.

Beliefs come from all sorts of people and places; traditions, customs, culture, teachers, parents, society, the media, friends and family. We are brought up in this world with many influences and influencers all imparting knowledge, opinions and ideas to us.

Often we take these ideas on board and accept them as our own without ever considering what they actually mean to us. We often don’t think to second guess or examine the idea or belief or wonder if it would truly serve us to take it on as our own. We don’t consider how the belief makes us feel either – more on this later.

If our beliefs don’t match our desires then they prevent us from achieving what we want. Too often we really want something and don’t realize that we are actually holding ourselves back by our beliefs which are contradicting our desire.

Examples of this might be:

Our desire: wanting to be rich

Our belief: might be one, some or all of the following

  • that we should be happy and accept what we have got
  • that it is greedy or ungrateful to want to be rich
  • we really can’t see HOW the money could come
  • we feel worthless or undeserving of such wealth

Our desire: want to meet our soulmate

Our belief: might be one, some or all of the following

  • we feel lonely
  • feel unloved or unlovable
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • don’t know HOW it could happen

Now these beliefs could have come from anywhere and anyone during our life. And it doesn’t matter where and when you took them on-board, the important thing is to recognize that they contradict your desire and need to be addressed.

Beliefs can be ‘invisible’ meaning we don’t even realize we have them.  So we may not even know that we are sabotaging our own success!

Seth Quote
Your beliefs can be like fences that surround you

How Do We Identify Our Beliefs?

A lot of beliefs are unconscious, we are not aware of them. They are things we have grown up with, things that are bred into us. And it can take time to figure out what they are.

A way to identify negative or limiting beliefs is listening to our self-talk. The dialogue that goes on inside our heads about subjects. For example you might be stuck in an unhealthy relationship, saying to yourself…

 “I’ll never find anyone else at my age, so I might as well stay here”, or “I don’t think I’d cope on my own”.

And the job of the subconscious mind is to protect us, and keep us safe. So even though we think with our conscious mind, our subconscious mind ultimately guides us and protects us to ensure that what we believe happens.

The key is to become aware of this self-talk and start noticing what you are saying about things. Some of our beliefs are contradictory which is why close examination is a positive step towards identifying limiting or negative beliefs.

Write down your negative self-talk or beliefs – then go about finding evidence of the opposite in society – to prove yourself wrong. You will see there are plenty of people your age who find love later in life, or that are very happy on their own.

Then you can turn it around into a positive statement or affirmation. Focus on SAYING these new beliefs, and they’ll BECOME your new beliefs.

Another way to find out what your beliefs are is to get a sheet of paper and write on top of it – what I think of….

and write all the subjects you can think of: money, marriage, work, religion, health, parenting, anything….

Write everything that comes to mind, whether they feel good or not, just write them down. Then look at them and see how many are positive, and how many are negative.

Take the negative ones and turn them around and make them into positive affirmations and then you can start clearing them up. Or pick one area of your life that’s not working the way you would like it and ask yourself: “What are my thoughts and beliefs I have around this area?”

Maybe you’ve failed in the past and you are holding on to the thought that “it will never work for me”, or that “I tried that and can’t do it”.

You can then begin to see what you really believe. You can’t change your thoughts if you don’t know what your thoughts are. What you think and believe is what will come true for you.

Your thoughts create your life. When we really GET that, we can make enormous changes. This post has some great belief exercises.

Seth Quote - from the Magical Approach by Jane Roberts
You get what you concentrate upon, and your beliefs are largely responsible for those areas in which you concentrate.”

How Can We Change Our Beliefs?

A big step in turning your life around is getting rid of the negative belief that you can’t do anything, or that you’re helpless.

Often the reason that people say they can’t do something is that they’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked.

But remember – your past does not represent your future! What matters is not yesterday but what you do right now. Your power is always in the present.

Start to dissolve some habits of thought that no longer serve you – let things move away from your mind that don’t support you anymore. Ask yourself – “Do I want to believe that anymore?” or  “I don’t want to believe that anymore.” Begin to make conscious choices.

If you have strong beliefs e.g. “I don’t deserve it”, or “I’m not good enough” then there can be delays in attracting what you want into your life because these beliefs emanate your very being.

Henry Ford Quote
Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right!

It just takes awareness of your thoughts and practice of your new ways of thinking to cement your new beliefs into place.

Don’t let what has happened in the past dictate your future, many people are trying to drive into the future using a rear-view mirror to guide themselves! If you do that, you’ll crash.

Your creative power is in the NOW and things start to shift in your life as soon as you believe this and start focusing on what you can do today to make things better.

Seth Quote
If you dwell upon limitations, then you will meet them

Practical Exercises To Make Our New Beliefs Believable!

The only thing that’s necessary to make this work for you right now is to begin to believe that it is possible.

The past doesn’t matter. Whatever hasn’t worked in the past has nothing to do with what you’ll do today.

What you do right now is what will begin to shape your destiny.

When doing belief exercises it is important to have a playful attitude. Instead of thinking of limiting beliefs as big road blocks preventing you from reaching your goals, think of them as children’s building blocks that can be moved around easily.

Some very helpful belief exercises have been outlined in this post. Belief exercises help you distinguish between the ‘facts’ and beliefs that can be changed at the drop of a hat.

Do you think your beliefs can affect your life and the lives of those around you? You bet! Beliefs are very powerful, so be mindful about what you choose to believe, especially about yourself and what is possible for you!

Recommended Resources

Here are some great short videos that explain our beliefs and how to work to change them. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


I hope you have found this article useful and it has enabled you to identify areas that can be improved. Changing your beliefs can be a simple process of practicing some new ways of thinking, and results will be sure to follow!

Any areas of your life that aren’t working as you would like generally means you have some limiting thoughts around the subject.

For information on how some Life Coaching session can help you identity your limiting beliefs and help move you forward click here for a FREE consult.


To New & Exciting Beliefs!