Meditation – What It Is & How It Can Benefit You

This post covers:

  • what meditation is
  • the benefits of meditation
  • the best way to practice meditation to manifest
  • an Abraham-Hicks must-see how to video

So What Exactly Is Meditation?

Meditation is a broad term used to describe many differing techniques that assist with relaxation, increasing internal energy and clearing the mind.

The most beneficial way to think of meditation is that it quietens your conscious mind and releases resistance that can block our natural flow of energy.

A great analogy is to imagine ourselves as a cork. In our natural state of well-being we float. Any negative feelings such as stress, limiting beliefs and self-doubt adds resistance and pulls the cork underwater.

Meditation quietens you mind, releases resistance and allows us to float into our natural state of well-being again.

There are many facets to meditation and people use any of the following in any combination when they meditate:

  • Deep breathing while concentrating on the action of breathing in and out
  • Relaxing different muscles in the body
  • Repetition of a mantra with eyes closed
  • Focusing on a particular item
  • Clearing the mind of all thought
  • Gentle and focused body movements such as yoga

Meditation is a very personal experience and you should go with whatever method feels the best.

Mediation can be done anywhere at anytime in any position. There are a lot of preconceived ideas of the best ways to practice meditation, but it makes no difference as the objective is always the same – to clear the mind and release resistance.

So whether you are sitting, standing, walking, chanting, listening to music or a guided mediation it all aims to achieve the same result. Relax thought, release resistance and raise your vibration. There is no right or wrong or better way to meditate.

Use whatever method or a combination of methods gives you the best result.

Abraham-Hicks recommends 15 minutes per day.

Abraham-Hicks Quote
“Meditation will take you back to the core vibration that is unchallenged by beliefs that are keeping you from what you want.”

The Benefits Of Meditation

QUIET motivational quoteMeditation:

  • improves health
  • creates a deeper intuition
  • calms your mind
  • improves focus
  • can improve memory
  • allow your desires to move more quickly into your life
  • reduces stress
  • increases your energy (vibration)

Mediation is a great way to put your mind into a state of ease. The best times to meditate are on waking and right before bed when the brain is less stimulated and there are minimal distractions.

With practice, meditation can become a way to clear your mind, reduce stress and ease health issues you might be facing. Scientific research has proven that people who regularly meditate can alter the genetic makeup of their body.

They can ‘turn on’ the genes that help to fight inflammation, high blood pressure, arthritis and other illnesses. All just by practicing meditation on a regular basis.

Regular meditation will help you to create a deeper intuition.  When you quiet your mind you are able to hear answers you seek.  Answers that have been within you all the time but that just needed you to quiet all of the background noise so that they could be heard.

Meditation will help you to calm your mind and your body. You will likely experience increased physical and emotional health. Memory may increase, along with an improvement in focus and the ability to think clearly.

Your sense of self, your spiritual fulfillment and your own personal presence will all show signs of being enhanced.

Meditation requires discipline and the more your practice it, the better you will get and the more obvious the results.

Many of the benefits of meditation feed off each other.  As you become better at clearing your mind you may find that you think a lot more clearly and can remember things better than before.

As you find it easier and easier to relax you might see that your ease among others increases and you feel more emotionally balanced.  The benefits of your new meditation habit can be far reaching if you continue to practice it regularly.

14 Minute Clip On How & Why To Meditate – by Abraham-Hicks

Practicing Meditation to Line Up With Desires

The first time you meditate you might not really be sure what to do. The above video explains it really well. And this section goes into how to meditate with the intention of quietening the mind, increasing your vibration and lining up with your desires – the things you want.

Ensure these basics are in place:

  • Find yourself a quiet area where you won’t be interrupted. In a place where you can really control the environment. It’s good if you can shut out the things that you are mostly physically attracted to.
  • Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position that you believe you can maintain for 15 mins.  Try not to lie down as you might fall asleep.
  • If can be helpful to find something easy to focus on – but not too thought provoking. Like dripping of water or a clock ticking.
  • One intention – to let your mind be still. When it wanders (and it will) just focus on the idea that you want your mind to be still.
  • Try to meditate at the same time each day when you are starting out.  This will help you to get into a relaxed state more easily each time and will help to ensure this activity becomes a habit

Keep going until you receive that sign that you have quieted your mind. That sign is physical, visceral. A feeling of detachment from this time and place. It feels like; numbness, floating, suspension of gravity, detachment, soothing….delicious!

This type of meditation provides relief from vibrations that are hindering you. It takes you back to your vibrational core if you like. Away from physical distractions that you are observing and responding to, and that are holding you back.

If you begin your day with this type of 15 min meditation you will find yourself feeling enlivened for the day. And it doesn’t take more than about a week of that before the ruts in your life, before everything begins to soft out. The problems will begin to dissipate. 

But don’t take score, simply relish in the moment and find a way to do this everyday.

Abraham-Hicks Quote
“Besides what’s happening with your mind (you allowing thoughts to turn to things) your physical apparatus is being rejuvenated, you are in the replenishing mode. Everything about your experience is being enhanced and improved because you are allowing yourself a rest-byte from the contradictory thoughts that you didn’t even know you had that are in the form of beliefs that you’ve picked up along your physical trail.”


Meditation is one of the best ways to achieve balance and restoration of both the mind and the body. Whether you are meditating to reduce stress or to help bring about your desires, it is only going to be beneficial.

Like all new and strange habits, it takes time and patience to learn. Be easy on yourself. Even starting with 2 minutes a day first thing in the morning will be valuable, and increasing this as you practice and begin to get the hang of it.

Most of all – have fun with this! 

I am a practicing life coach using Abraham-style coaching to empower you to enhance every area of you life. If you would like a hand to change some old patterns of thought and instill some new habits that will enrich your life drop me a line here.


To Quiet Productive Times,

Bec (coach)