Positive Affirmations are Only Good if we Actually Believe What we are Affirming!

This post covers:

  • what affirmations are
  • how to use them
  • creating affirmation momentum
  • when to use them
  • examples of positive affirmations

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short, powerful statements about your life. They can be positive or negative.

To affirm means to declare firmly and assert something to be true. Affirmations are statements where you assert that what you want to be true……as true.

Research has shown that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day. That’s about 200 thoughts a minute! Research has also shown that for most people 80% of those thoughts are negative.

Every thought we think and every word we speak is an affirmation, whatever we are choosing to believe about life. Learn to become aware of what is going on inside your mind moment to moment.

A thought that has no feeling or energy or charge or vibration behind it is an empty affirmation, it’s powerless. A thought needs to have feeling to invite it into this world.

How To Use Affirmations

When people say affirmations don’t work – it’s usually because they are offering a vibration from the lack, doubt, or fear, of the thing they are wanting – rather than a vibration or feelings of hopefulness, excitement and gratitude.

Someone might say 3 prosperity affirmations during the day – followed by 300 poverty affirmations.

Feelings of anxiety or fear about their financial situation will override a few positive affirmations!

We are either vibrating from a place of having the thing we want, or from the lack of it. So if you want more money, you need to be emitting a vibration of knowing, loving and accepting money, feelings of ease and prosperity, rather than feelings of scarcity, uncertainty, fear or doubt, which will all keep you from attracting prosperity.

If you are just saying affirmations without feeling then you might as well not bother saying them at all. Some people just read the same affirmations over and over until they say them without even thinking about what they are saying.

By saying positive affirmations deliberately and often through the day it becomes a habit, and things will begin to change. Maybe on a small level to begin with, but they will begin to happen. If they are not feeling good, take the subject more general until it begins to feel good again.

You can write down your affirmations or just say them. Saying them aloud gives them more power. You can write them on small cards and place them around the house where you will see them. Change them often to keep them fresh.

You have to believe your affirmations. If your mind adds a “tail-ender” such as “yeah right!” or “as if that would ever happen to me” then you have some beliefs or old ideas to work on.

For example – “I am rich” and you immediately think – “Yeah right”. Make the affirmation believable to you, such as “The world is an abundant place and I deserve prosperity”.

Doing general statements for yourself like: “Everything always works out for me” leaves the Universe open to bring that about in your life, and often in ways we could not have imagined!

Affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. Your desire isn’t necessarily here at the moment, but it is something you can expect to be there. When you plant seeds you expect them to grow.

You don’t wait 2 days and dig in the earth and say “what’s happening, what’s happening?” You just expect it to grow because you know there is a law and a process. As long as it’s in the right soil, and has the right amount of moisture and sunshine it will grow.

A thought that has energy through feeling is invited into this world when it comes from the place that it is already happening. When you imagine what your life is like now that you have this thing that you want. How do you feel now? 

Create Affirmation Momentum!

Affirmations become stale – keep them fresh by creating them on the spot and building momentum!

The type of affirmations that really begin to move your energy are free flowing, free forming rampages. They are a series of statements that move you in the direction of the vortex and hold you there.

Creating affirmation momentum is way more beneficial than simply saying the same statements over and over, as you are being creative and thinking of new ways of saying the same thing to keep you excited and your energy levels high.

Having rampages of positive affirmation sentences for 68 seconds or more is when the energy created begins to move and the Law Of Attraction starts moving things in your direction.

No-one Sums It Up Better Than Abraham! A 10 min Must Watch:

When To Say Affirmations

Say your affirmation coming from a place that it has already happened. It’s those feelings that you live throughout your the day that make things happen. It’s not something you do for a few minutes and then walk away.

You become what you want. Live your life as if those experiences have already happened. It’s about being clear and relaxed in the knowing.

Once we decide and declare what we WANT, the HOW is the job of the Universe.

The BEST times to say affirmations is on waking, right before bed when you are in a more relaxed and receptive state, and when you are feeling happy! And turn them into creative rampages to really get your energy flowing.

Pay attention to your self-talk (mind chatter). When we contemplate things, we often chatter away in our minds “What if?” What if this happens? What if that happens? What if it doesn’t work?”

Try turning this around and saying – “what if it does work?” Try to shift negative self talk to positive self talk. Look for the positive side of things, instead of always the negative – this removes fear and resistance, making it easier to align with your desires.

We are saying affirmations all day every day often without even realizing! Being aware and mindful of what we are saying will help stop any negative flow, and allow us to focus on better thoughts.

Examples Of Affirmations

Affirmations are abundant! You just have to do a Google search to find a ton of ideas. Getting ideas from other sources is helpful then you can come up with your own customized versions that really resonate and stir up the positive energy!

Here are just a few examples of positive affirmation cards from Louise Hay:

confidence picaffirmation picunlimited pot

Affirmations can be about any area of your life, and it is best to use ones that feel good and are believable. An example of a financial affirmation would be: “Money flows easily, frequently and abundantly into my life.”

The key with affirmations is to find ones, or better create ones, that stir up the excited energy inside of you! Then make them into a fun series of sentences. Bring your imagination into play. Contemplate the wonder of the words you are speaking.


I hope this has cleared up any ambiguity you may have had about affirmations. It can be confusing with so much conflicting information available. But to me it makes so much sense to really mean them, feel them, be creative, change them and have fun with them!

If you’d like to start using positive affirmations and rampages to create a richer life in any area, and would like some guidance and support getting started then I can help! I am a personal life coach and am available to support and encourage you to get in the right mindset for success.

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To Affirming The Good In Life!